After you make a purchase, you can use the following steps to access your materials.

Initial Purchase

1. After completing your purchase, you’re taken to the Checkout page that includes your order details.

Click on the Member Home page to access your study materials.

2. You’ll also receive a Welcome email with details on your purchase. Please note that this sometimes goes into a spam or junk folder. It includes information on how to access your account.

3. After clicking on Member Home menu item, you’ll see something like the following graphic:

This shows the package you purchased. The page also includes additional information such as “How to pass a Certification Exam,” which shows the steps that people have used to successfully pass the exam.

4. Click on the course materials link. This will open the page showing you all the materials in the package that you purchased.

The top of this gives you some details on what you purchased along with links to additional pages.

  • Your quiz history tracks your scores and can help you determine your readiness. Use this when following the steps in the “How to Pass” section.
  • The additional resources link takes you to a page with links to supplementary materials such as labs and end of chapter review pages from the CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide. I’ve also made this material available within certain products whether you have the study guide or not.

5. Scroll down and you’ll see links to all the content in your package. This package is the SY0-501 Full Study package. Some of this content is in the Lessons section, and some of it is in the Quizzes section.

The quizzes section includes 41 quizzes using both Learn Mode (where you can see the answer right after answering the question) and Test Mode (where you only see that answers after answering all the questions in the quiz. The Test Your Readiness quiz gives you a random set of questions from all the quizzes. Use it after mastering the content in the other quizzes.

Logging In

Anytime you want to access the materials again, use the following steps to log in.

  1. Log in by going here or by clicking on the Log In menu item.

You will logon using the Email address and password you created when making your purchase.

Note that you can click the Remember Me box to have your browser remember your username and password. Also, this page includes a link that allows you to reset your password in case you forgot it.

2. Enter your username and password. If desired, click the Remember Me box.

3. Click Login. The login page will show you as being logged on.

4. Click the Member-Home link on the menu.

5. You’ll now have access to all the same materials that you saw after your initial purchase.